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      Are You Prepared for Vote by Mail?

      Fluence Automation has solutions to help with absentee and vote-by-mail ballot processing.
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      Voting is a right for all Americans.

      Let’s make it safe for everyone.

      In light of recent events, voter safety has become a major concern, which could have an impact on future elections. When voters can’t safely go to the polls, they turn to alternate methods of casting their vote. As a result, many counties could see an increase in mailed absentee ballots. We know how important it is to have an affordable, efficient, and safe way to process and track those ballots.

      Automation solutions can take as little as 90 days (or less!) to put in place!

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      Key Features

      Fluence Automation offers affordable, practical solutions based on our advanced sorting platforms, that solve many of the most difficult mail ballot processing challenges. We design, build, and support our systems, and therefore control the long-term product direction.

      Our solutions deliver valuable capabilities, developed over years of working with county officials and built on platforms proven through decades of heavy-duty production mail processing.

      Fluence Automation has solutions to make managing mailed ballots easier and optimize your workflow:

      Automate signature verification
      Verify envelopes and ballots
      Digitize envelopes and signatures
      Capture multiple data points for audit tracking
      Automate inline envelope opening and privacy tab removal
      Vote by Mail Feature: Compact footprint with built-in casters for easy portability
      Compact footprint with built-in casters for easy portability with our new Summit VBM sorter
      Work seamlessly with your EMS and automate the data transfer

      Our Vote by Mail solutions can integrate with just about any EMS, so you can keep your existing system in place!


      Dashboard & Admin Features

      The software included with vote by mail solutions from Fluence Automation makes it easy to track ballot processing and view metrics. Election workers can view immediate and easy-to-read progress status readouts for individual jobs on the main Batch Status screen, and the Dashboard can provide broader insights on election progress. Customizable metrics reporting is also available to further assess productivity, trends and progress. Administrators have control over user privileges, review settings and challenge code handling with a simple, menu-driven interface.

      • Summary dashboard of all batches delivers quick overview of overall processing status
      • Advanced lookup options provide full processing history by ID and current status
      • Duplicate resolution feature includes hyperlinks to images for further investigation
      • Freeform notes field for each batch simplifies communication with broader team
      • Tiered access rights may be configured for each process step
      • Multiple export options available to suit individual process needs
      • Audit log may be exported at any time
      • User-configurable features support workflow changes without code changes or custom software versions

      Key Benefits

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      Save Processing Time and Space

      • Consolidate multiple steps into fewer automated steps, including tab removal
      • Efficiently handle high volumes on peak election days at throughputs from 18,000 to 45,000/hr
      • With a two-pass operation, it is possible to sort to 196 separations with a 16-bin sorter
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      Minimize Errors, Accelerate Troubleshooting

      • Various concurrent validations – ID validation, duplicate checks, thickness, double feeds, etc.
      • Item-level tracking with easy lookup for processing history, with images for each run, designed for detailed investigation
      • Efficient image review with tiered access rights, for initial and subsequent verification
      • Detailed audit log captures all key processing steps and status changes
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      Simplify Training & Staffing

      • Automation of manual tasks reduces amount of temporary staffing needed
      • Fewer manual tasks reduces training needs, structured process supports quick learning
      • System-generated reports simplify tallying, monitoring, and other processing
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      Industry-Leading Service

      • One of the widest and most well-run nationwide service networks available today
      • Local service supported by specialized remote support
      • Extensive experience maintaining 24×7 production equipment
      • Protects investment and maximizes performance

      Steps for Processing Incoming Ballots

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      First Pass

      Feed ballot envelopes. The system automatically:

      • Verifies barcode ID, confirming current election
      • Checks for thickness and doubles*
      • Detects duplicates within and across batches
      • Detects and removes tabs*
      • Automatically verifies signature*
      • Prints date and time stamp*
      • Sorts based on precincts, ballot styles, and other parameters
      • Diverts challenges and verification failures
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      Review Images

      • Operator reviews up to 4 scanned images at a time
      • Review the signature only or complete envelope
      • Initial review by reviewer role
      • Subsequent reviews by supervisor or admin roles
      • Select from among configurable drop-down choices for specific conditions
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      • Re-run previously run ballots if necessary, without impacting counts
      • Re-run challenges after they are cured, to sort into the correct groups prior to fine sort
      • Detect duplicates within the batch for accurate counts tracking
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      Fine Sort

      • Sort ballots to desired separation level (precinct / ballot style / other)
      • Operator feeds individual group of ballots
      • Selectively open only accepted ballots*
      • Detect duplicates within and across all fine sort batches
      Criterion Elevate Sorter

      Optional Features

      Doubles Detector

      Doubles Detector

      Useful for diverting envelopes that may be stuck together, ensuring all pieces are correctly handled

      Image-based detection of double edges identifies true double-feed conditions

      Thickness Detector

      Thickness Detector

      Useful for diverting envelopes with more than the expected number of ballots

      Laser-based thickness detector identifies differences down to one sheet of paper

      User-configurable thresholds

      Inkjet Printer

      Inkjet Printer

      Print date, time, and custom message on the envelope with no loss in throughput

      Minimal maintenance and easy cartridge replacement

      Optional continuous inkjet for very high-volume applications

      Inline Opener

      Inline Opener

      Inline opening without content damage

      Ultra-fine depth adjustment

      Selective opening allows both good and challenged envelopes to be fed with only good envelopes opened

      Includes dust collector to minimize dust and efficiently collect paper chips

      Inline Tab Remover

      Inline Tab Remover

      Detect and remove privacy tabs at up to 8,000/hr (for 1” x 3” tabs), concurrent with sorting

      Ergonomic collection of removed tabs

      Advanced laser technology cuts single layer of paper, without damaging contents (Class 1 laser product)


      Criterion APEX®
      Criterion® Elevate

      Cycle Speed

      (Throughput stated is for #10 envelopes, and will vary up or down based on envelope size)

      47,000/hr for #10 envelopes

      22,000/hr for #10 envelopes

      8,000/hr (in tab removal mode)

      3,000/hr for #10 envelopes


      with 16 2-tier bins (not including cutter or tab removal module)

      17.4’ x 6.6’

      14.3’ x 6.2’

      8’ x 2’

      Incremental length for additional 16-bin sections





      208V 3-phase Amperage requirements vary depending on configuration

      208V 3-phase or 240V single-phase Amperage requirements vary depending on configuration

      110V 15A single-phase


      Requirements vary:
      Air required for continuous inkjet printers; No air required with cartridge printers

      Requirements vary:
      Air required for continuous inkjet printers; No air required with cartridge printers

      None required

      Envelope sizes

      Height: 3.5” – 7.0”

      Length: 5.0” – 11.5”

      Thickness: 0.007” – 0.250”

      Height: 3.5” – 7.0”
      (up to 13” with optional flats kit)

      Length: 5.0” – 11.5”

      Thickness: 0.007” – 0.250”

      Height: 3.5” – 7.0”

      Length: 5.0” – 11.5”

      Thickness: 0.007” – 0.250”

      VBM data review client software

      for image review




      VBM server software

      (data review and inbound) for EMS interface, audit logs, detailed lookups




      MMT SABRE®

      with optional automated signature verification




      First pass, repass and fine sort operations




      Integrity package

      (thickness and doubles detector)



      Optional thickness detector

      Selective inline opener with vacuum





      Continuous inkjet

      Cartridge or continuous inkjet

      Optional cartridge printer

      Inline tab removal

      (Uses a laser in a Class 1 enclosure for safe use with fume extraction)




      Fluence Knows Vote by Mail

      Fluence Automation brings together a unique set of capabilities that is unmatched in the industry. In 2007, we adapted our sorting and software platforms to serve the Vote by Mail market, and we’ve steadily grown our presence in this space over the last 10 years.

      We have Vote by Mail installations in several states across the country. We have customers whose ballot returns range from fewer than 50k per election, to those who process over 1M ballots. As a result, our product platforms and support team are well versed in addressing the wide variety of needs different counties may have.

      [Icon] Automation


      Advanced imaging for high-speed mail, parcels, and vote by mail automation, including advanced linerless labeling technology

      [Icon] Software


      Software adapted to sorting best practices, created as a solution to your needs and made to work with your products

      [Icon] Durability


      Durable equipment that lasts decades, as well as dependable replacement parts for all of our equipment

      [Icon] Experience


      Over 70 years of experience in the mail industry and more than a decade in the Vote by Mail marketplace

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