Vote-by-mail ballots processed and stacked in machine.

Complete Outbound & Inbound Mail Ballot Processing

Relia-Vote helps states, counties, and municipalities automate and modernize their vote-by-mail and absentee process so they can save time, labor costs, postage costs, and have full insight into the entire process.

Outbound ballot processing: Relia-Vote offers complete voter registration database integration, USPS® Intelligent Mail® barcode compliance, fast, accurate, and cost-effective ballot printing, and integrated mail ballot inserting and addressing. End-to-end ballot assembly auditing provides election officials with strict and auditable internal controls to ensure the right ballot gets to the right voter. Officials can validate delivery by tracking outbound and inbound ballot envelopes through the USPS® TrackMyVote™ delivery network.

The five essential components of a complete, automated, and secure vote-by-mail system include:

  1. Mail ballot preparation
  2. Ballot printing on demand
  3. Outbound ballot assembly and mailing
  4. Mail ballot tracking
  5. Return ballot verification and processing

Evolujet high-speed color inkjet printer for printing vote-by-mail ballots


Compact, high-quality inkjet printer makes it easy to print ballots on demand, in-house.

  • Low cost of acquisition, maintenance, and operation – only a single operator required
  • Print up to 146 impressions per minute with a cut sheet input and output
  • Produce ballots up to 18-inches in length


IntelliJet Advantage 2200 industrial inkjet printer


High-speed high-quality for inkjet printing large volumes of ballots.

  • Highest quality inkjet ideal for producing ballots, sample booklets, booklet covers, and more
  • Variable print modes let you control the output and speed: Print fast up to 500 feet per-minute to meet election timelines
  • High quality pigment inks product rich blacks and crisp barcodes and fonts for accuracy




Mailstream Evolution (MSE) Inserter

Proven inserting platform with best-in-class mail piece tracking capabilities — over 12 years and counting.

  • Piece-level tracking scans and verifies all components are accurately assembled
  • Assemble ballots at up to 14,000 piece per hour using only 1 or 2 staff
  • Easy to maintain and configure, empowering operators of any skill level



Mailstream Productivity Series (MSE) Inserter

Fully automated inserter delivers exception speed and integrity for ballot mail, voter information, booklets and more.

  • Reliably produce secure, accurate ballots
  • Collate variable ballot pages fast at up 26,000 cycles per hour
  • Ensure compliance and deliver high integrity results with real-time, integrated end to end tracking capabilities



Print+ Messenger and Print+ Response Inline envelope printing

Print dynamic text and barcodes on outer envelopes and ballot reply envelopes, inline on the inserter for greater efficiency.

  • Add personalized information including the recipient address
  • Print USPS Intelligent Mail barcode for tracking
  • Ensure accuracy as you streamline processes


vantage sorter with flexline stackers

Vantage Mail Sorting Machine for Outbound

Outbound ballot sorting to meet USPS submission requirements.

  • Presort outbound ballot packets fast processing at up to 50,000 pieces per hour
  • Eliminate the possibility of doubles with a double detection device featuring integrated optical view
  • Best-in-class OCR technology, outbound barcode scanning, and envelope imaging capabilities

Relia-Vote Ballot Manager

Cloud-based solution makes it easy for any size jurisdiction to add ballot mail tracking and visibility to their vote by mail process.

  • Enhance the security of every outbound and inbound mailed ballot
  • Gain proof of mailing through the USPS using the Intelligent Mail barcode for tracking
  • Extended chain-of-custody and voter transparency



Elevate Automatic Mail Sorting Machine

A small footprint sorter with big functionality.

  • Processes ballot packets quickly at speeds up to 18,000 pieces per hour
  • Portable for easy relocation so you can move the sorter where you need it when you need it
  • Modular options include inline selective opening for the bottom edge of ballots, inline automated signature verification, inline tab remover


Vantage Mail Sorting Machine for Inbound

Proven leader in high-volume mail-in ballot processing.

  • Process inbound mail-in ballots faster including time and date stamp, barcode scanning, and envelope imaging at speeds up to 50,000 pieces per hour.
  • Automate voter signature verification including on-screen adjudication
  • Perform inline opening and sort ballot packets to precinct or district

Vantage Sorter Options:

  • Doubles detector
  • Thickness detector
  • Inkjet printer
  • Inline opener

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